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Your boring website is driving me to tears.

A company websites can be a boring website. Companies need to tap into their personality and style to create websites that engage.

Summer, Work, & Rucking

Before we dive into what the heck is rucking, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: summer. Summer is a great time to get out, see the world (or your backyard), and enjoy your time. But, as an adult – more specifically, as a parent – summer isn’t what it was when we were kids. Adults have responsibilities, obligations, and varies…

The Race I Didn’t Expect

I ran a race with my whole family and it turned out to be the race I hadn’t expected to run. This is the story how my kids ran their first 5k.

“Cool Company Story, Bro!”

I read a lot of company websites. Whether it’s writing a LinkedIn profile, a blog post for a client, or just getting some context regarding a company, I troll many a company site to find information about them. And finding it is not always easy. As vital as it is for a company to have a website, what you say on that…

Customer Service: “You had me at ‘Hi there.’”

Customer service is your brand. And your brand is every point the customer interacts with you: from a website, logistics, product, and all communications.