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Nonprofit Website Design

Enabling Change

I love nonprofits. I love the idea of seeing something that is wrong and finding a way to fix it. Whether it is providing food to kids on the weekend. Giving shoes to those who need it. Helping folks get food for their animals. Or creating a place for people to discover nature and spirituality. No matter the goal, I love the passion, talent, and sheer will that goes into a nonprofit.

Nonprofits have that entrepreneurial spirit at their very core.

Amazing Opportunities

Across my professional career and personal life, I have had many opportunities to help nonprofit organizations. As a volunteer, staff member, consultant, or just someone offering advice from time to time, I’ve been blessed to have these chances to deliver my expertise, insight, and skills to help various nonprofits.

I’m continually giving of my time and talents to help local Pottstown and Boyertown nonprofits.

Helping Nonprofits Do What They Do Best

As a Nonprofit Website Design and Social Media Marketing Consultant, I’ve been able to help nonprofits tap into the technology, platforms, and styles to engage patrons. No matter their end goal, nonprofits need to find, capture, and inspire people to give their time, talents, and treasure to keep the nonprofit engine running.

I help nonprofits focus on what they need to focus on.

More for Less

Most nonprofits are doing a lot with a little. I work closely with nonprofits to find the solutions they need to deliver the most bang for their buck (or, even better, solutions that are free). Of course, it’s not just about money. Time is a scarce resource also.

From a mobile-friendly nonprofit website design, nonprofit fundraising strategies that work, language that causes a reaction, to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), I help nonprofits tap into the resources, tools, and strategies that deliver strong results.


  • Mobile-Friendly Nonprofit Web Design
  • Successful Fundraising Strategies
  • Facebook Fundraising
  • Social Media Training
  • Email Marketing

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