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Retail Stores

Retail Store Website Design

It’s an Exciting Time To Be a Retail Store.

Today, retail stores have so many platforms. Ones to directly engage customers. Ones that offer opportunities for customers to find your business. And platforms that you can continually keep in touch with customers. From websites, social media, to email marketing, each is an opportunity to connect with your customers.

The downside, of course, is not knowing what works. Which platform to focus on? Which technology to use? Where even to start? It is very overwhelming.

Welcome to My Sandbox.

Across my professional career, I have had many opportunities to help people. It’s who I am at the core: someone who helps people. Recently, as a Retail Store Website Design and Social Media Marketing Consultant, I’ve been able to help local Pottstown and Boyertown businesses tap into the technology, platforms, and styles to engage their customers.

I’ve helped their businesses thrive.

Helping Your Store Compete Locally and Globally

From mobile-friendly retail store website design, showing up in local Google Searches (Local SEO [Search Engine Optimization]), to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), I help retail stores compete locally while selling globally. Whether it’s the customer in the store or the customer buying from the store’s online store, I help you build the platforms to sell and talk to them.


  • Build Mobile-Friendly Websites
  • eCommerce Store Fronts
  • Social Media Strategies & Training
  • Email Marketing

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