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Small Companies

small company website design

Helping Small Companies Engage their Market.

Today’s small companies are leaner than ever. Crowded marketplaces, tighter budgets, and reduced staff mean less time spent on overall initiatives. Not a lot of time for researching and implementing website and marketing best practices.

That’s where I come in.

Small Company Website Design

Whether your first website, building a new website, or rebuilding an old one, I focus on the key elements. What do you want to say about your business? What do customers need to here? What has changed over the years? Who are you?

I help companies find the best way to speak to their customers.

The Four P’s

When creating a website, I focus on the Four P’s: People, Products, Projects, and Proclamations.

  • People. The employees. Customers need to know who they’ll be working with before they even approach a company.
  • Products. What do you sell? What does the product look like? What does it do? Don’t let possible customers guess at what you do.
  • Projects. How does what you do impact your customers? Just like products, tell people how your products impact your customers. This is an opportunity to create great content for the website and social media.
  • Proclamations. What do customers say about you? Let the customers who are raving about you have a platform to do it from.

    By employing the Four P’s, I can help you create a website and marketing strategy that delivers strong results.

    Helping Your Small Company Compete Locally and Perform Globally

    From a mobile-friendly small company website design, showing up in local Google Searches (Local SEO [Search Engine Optimization]), to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) training, I help small companies tap into massive results.


    • Mobile-Friendly Small Company Website Design / ReDesign
    • Consumer Marketing Strategies & Content
    • Talent Marketing
    • Executive Branding
    • Social Media Training

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