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Your boring website is driving me to tears.

July 09, 2016

A company websites can be a boring website. Companies need to tap into their personality and style to create websites that engage.

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Summer, Work, & Rucking

June 27, 2016

Summer is finally here and decision need to be made as to what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and whether it’s going to work or blow up in our faces!

“Cool Company Story, Bro!”

February 23, 2016

I read a lot of company websites. Whether it’s writing a LinkedIn profile, a blog post for a client, or just getting some context regarding a company, I troll many a company site to find information about them. And finding it is not always easy. As vital as it is for a company to have … Read more

Customer Service: “You had me at ‘Hi there.’”

January 23, 2016

Customer service is your brand. And your brand is every point the customer interacts with you: from a website, logistics, product, and all communications.

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