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Email Marketing is a No-Brainer!

Email Marketing is a powerful tool that businesses can use to bring in more sales, increase service bookings, engage customers, and line up future work. Here are some articles about Email Marketing.

Email Marketing: The Third Email & Beyond!

April 29, 2022

We dig into the third and final email as we show how the email journeys weeds out the engaged, the unengaged, and the others who are ready to learn more about your company.

Email Marketing: The Second Email

April 07, 2022

We dig into the second email of an email marketing journey to show how it’s actually many different emails responding to the actions or inactions of the first email.

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Email Marketing: The First Email

March 31, 2022

We dive into the first email of an email marketing journey to show how you set the tone for the emails to come and set up how you are going to gauge engagement.

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